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The Bayonne Bridgemen Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps continues the great tradition of entertaining audiences that the Bridgemen were known for during their competitive years. The Alumni Corps incorporates elements from both the St. Andrew's Era (1965-1975) and the Bananas Era (1976-1988). The hornline and drumline both wear the uniform from the Bananas Era and the Honor Guard captain wears a St. Andrew's uniform, in fact, the very one she wore "back in the day". The corps has also resurrected its greatest hits playing the timeless music that drum corps fans loved and enjoyed through the years.

Alumni Corps History

Then Alumni Corps premiered in 2005 as a parade corps wear bowling shirts reminisent of the Bananas Era uniform jacket and baseball caps. In 2006, the corps hit the field for the first time since the 1987 DCI Championship Prelims, wearing the uniform of the Bananas Era, at their resurrected "Tournament of Stars" drum corps show. More Alumni Corps history can be found here.

Hall of Fame Instruction

The corps is currently taught by many of the great instructors who brought the Bridgemen to prominence in the 1970's and 1980's, including Hall of Famers Larry Kerchner and Dennis DeLucia. These two gentlemen have brought back some of the great Bridgemen music that drum corps fans remember fondly. Most of the brass arrangements are the same ones that Larry Kerchner wrote for the competitive corps back in the '70's and '80's. The fact that these arrangements still hold up 25+ years later is a testament to the genius of Larry Kerchner and his immense talent as a brass arranger. Dennis DeLucia's percussion section maintains the traditional world-class drumming and style that helped earn the competitive corps three consecutive DCI High Percussion Trophies (1980-1982).

Greatest Hits Revived

The Alumni Corps has brought back many of the greatest hits from the corps' past that drum corps fans fondly remember. Some of the classics include: "My Favorite Things" (1973), "Pagliacci" (1977, 1979), "In The Stone" (1980, 1981), "Shaft" (1982), "Big Noise From Winnetka" (1980), "Land of Make Believe" (1976, 1977), "Battle Hymn of the Republic" from the "Civil War Suite" (1980) and the corps' signature piece, "William Tell Overture" (1973, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1985). In addition to the Bridgemen's greatest hits, the corps has also in recent years started playing some classic hits from other drum corps including the 27th Lancers' "Danny Boy" and the Sky Ryders' "Over The Rainbow" (the same arrangement Larry Kerchner wrote for them).


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